About Excelco

Excelco intends to give a new dynamic to software for asset management. Our first product is Excelco, a tool to select the top companies out of a database of businesses.

Excelco is a product of Excelco bv.

The Excelco software and database were developed by the same team that made the popular fiscal software Fiscalc and the fiscal database Fisconet.

Founder proved his merits in the financial world with the company Fiscalc (founded in 1985), which he sold 20 years later to the Kluwer concern.

Fiscalc provided and still provides fiscal software for SMEs and large enterprises.

Paul Hermans, along with the next generation (Jan and Kristel), now focuses his financial insights and knowledge on the investor's world with his new product Excelco: a tool to help you invest in top companies with guaranteed positive results.