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Excelco provides clear reports on sectors such as telecom, clothing, food, luxury goods, oil, Internet services and many others, describing the main trends in each sector.

Clothing sector

Clothing sector profile

Bubble chart clothing sector
The graph on the left shows you the best companies in the clothing sector. The more the company is situated in the top right part, the more profitable it is. H&M is the most profitable company, achieving an average return on equity of nearly 40%. The size of the bubble indicates the growth rate of the company. Crocs is the strongest growth company.


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Some sectors, for instance the Internet and medical technology, grow more than the average. Other sectors, like shipping and banking, are shrinking.

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Clothing sector total profit and sales

One example of a growth sector is the clothing sector. In 2012, the combined turnover of these companies grew with 13% . Of course, not only growth in turnover is important: growth in earnings is essential too. The clothing sector keeps growing even in years of crisis and is thus a recession-resistant sector par excellence. These companies are worldwide leaders and keep growing by opening more shops in prime locations.

Comparing companies

We compare all companies within a given sector and accord them an objective score. This score not only takes into account growth and profitability, but also solvency and efficiency.

Best performing companies