User-friendly Smart Screener *

*Only available in Excelco professional

Answer each question with a unique selection

Excelco's unique Smart Screener selects stocks of your choice based on no fewer than 32 different criteria!

Excelco's new Smart Screener takes only 2 seconds to answer questions such as the following:

32 selection criteria

The Smart Screener uses a set of 32 different criteria which you can combine to suit your own preference. With more than 2x1032 combinations, your ingenuity will be strongly challenged!

Smart screener selection criteria

Unique presentation

Excelco brings you the next generation in the presentation of screening results.

Smart screener result tileSmart Screener result tile: Ten different elements organized in a handy "chart". You screen the results at a glance and click through to the companies of your choice.

Save your searches

With one click you can save your carefully crafted screeners so you can later execute them again with a single click.

Excelco also presents some interesting selections.

Smart Screener - Save searches